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Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang, often shortened to ba gua, or "eight trigram palm," is a unique Taoist art based on the ancient Chinese classic text, the I Ching, or Book of Changes. The fluid, circular art of ba gua places the same degree of emphasis on longevity, internal energy development, and meditation as does tai chi chuan. Consequently, knowledge of ba gua is extremely valuable to all students of tai chi chuan and to those interested in practical ways of cultivating and using personal chi.

Ba Gua is a challenging and invigorating art which involves walking in a circle. Originally developed in China as a form of moving meditation, it has been practiced there for thousands of years for health maintenance as well, which is our focus. In the late 1800's it also became known as a highly effective martial art.

Ba Gua is based upon the same chi gung (energy development) principles as Tai Chi. It improves your balance, clears and steadies your mind, and makes your body very strong. At Internal arts, we focus on the Gao Yi Sheng Branch of the Cheng Ting Hua Ba Gua Zhang System.

Courses and Workshops begin March 2016 in Ewell, Richmond and Epsom; Surrey, UK

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