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Chi Gung and Ba Gua Classes with Rob Willard

Excellent - Good Teaching. Fun Course. Good at transferring information

J Simons.

A light-hearted approach to chi gung and life. Makes the class very accessible and fun.


I am a complete novice and I left each session feeling a tremendous lightness. Very interesting.

Chris Rathwell

Fantastic Teaching for me as I have an arthritic condition. Very energizing and you can work at your own pace. Very beneficial.

Antony, 33

I am a profoundly deaf person though fully understood what was being taught during the Chi Gung sessions. I really enjoyed being taught by Rob and doing the one to one sessions that we have had. It has been very beneficial for my personal power and self confidence.

Joe, 16

Testimonials Chi Gung

Rob Willard is an internal arts teacher and healer based in Surrey, UK. He has been practicing for over 12 years and has helped many people during that time. He offer a range of services including health arts courses , healing and private teachings. Rob’s emphasis is on teaching the basics of all arts without restriction in a clear, flowing manner. These basics determine the foundation and effectiveness of everyone’s individual art in the future.

Testimonials Ba Gua

An easy flowing style of teaching. The information is clear and unrestricted. The circle walking of Ba Gua feels like a natural progress for Tai Chi

Mark Long, Tai Chi Instructor East Sussex

Great fun, new experience. Nice to meet people who are willing to share their knowledge, thanks


Having already studied many forms of Martial Arts I now wanted to focus on different concepts. I found Ba gua very beneficial as a health, meditation and energy art.

Ben, 45.

Great fun - Don't know why it works but amazing effects on energy. Light hearted and useful


Subtle yet profound


Really powerful stuff.


Very Relaxing


Really enjoyed it - going round in ever decreasing circles


Compliments my Tai Chi


Enjoyably different!

Paul S.

I feel fantastic after practice. Thank you.


Robert’s studies of internal arts began over ten years ago in America at the Dragon Gate Internal Arts School in Massachusetts with director Buddy Tripp. This also included workshops and seminar teachings from Lou De Xiu, Maha Guru “Pak Vic Victor de Thouars (Pentjak Silat Serak) and Kumar Bruce Francis. He returned to the UK to continue my studies and promote internal arts in the UK.

Class Schedule 2016

Classes and private teaching will start again in March 2016. This will cover Ewell, Epsom, Kingston, Richmond, Worcester Park and Surbiton. If you would like to receive an reminder email please use the notification / subscription form