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Qi Gong / Chi Gung

Chi Gung means work with the finer energies of the body. This is achieved by means of movement, standing, stretching and softening, the regulation of breath and many other methods designed to enhance the sensitivity of the practitioner so that the natural flow of chi [life force] can be felt and where necessary used to promote healing, well being, improved function in athletics, martial arts, meditation or any of life's pursuits, be they for pleasure or spiritual growth.

For many people the first benefit of chi gung is the prevention of relief of chronic health problems. Many physical health problems are at least partially due to mental / emotional stress. The importance of the inner tranquillity developed by the practice of chi gung is very beneficial.  For more information see our ‘Scientific Studies of Internal Arts’ section

Courses and Workshops begin March 2016 in Ewell, Richmond and Epsom; Surrey, UK

If you are interested in taking a course please email use the subscription form

Private lessons are also available from February 2016 onwards.